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    Chris Chester, 2015

    Brown Index Box: A box of childhood memories. / VANS: My favorite (retired) pair of vans. / Headphones & iPhone: Music helps me focus. It is essential. / Black Moleskin: My book of everything. / Neff Beanie: I adorn my hats with pins. This one says “good vibes only.” / Black Wallet: An 18th birthday gift from my first boss. / Lego Keychain: A gift from my Mother when I got my first car. It has eroded over time. / Fantasy: A book of modern poems by Ben Fama. One of my favorite readings from this summer. / Macbook Pro: No stickers, purely naked. / micron & ruler: The mark makers. / The Great Discontent: I’m fascinated by people who do what they love for work. This magazine interviews people doing just that. / Akira: A manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. / Empty Poster Tube: I collect prints. Some from MICA students, and elsewhere.


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