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    Jen Doyle, 2014

    The Doors vinyl album: Music is one of my passions and forms of expression / Disposable camera: I love to capture memories and things for inspiration / Sketchbooks: I use my sketchbooks to collect my thoughts and ideas / Pen: I use a pen to sketch and write down ideas / Purple Magazine: I collect magazines and I am really inspired by French fashion, art and culture / Glasses: I need glasses to see all the fine details in life / Guitar pick: I enjoy playing guitar and making music / Passport: Traveling inspires me as a designer by experiencing different cultures and places / Knife: This iridescent colored knife is a useful tool and fun to look at / Leather jacket: I am inspired by punk rock music and fashion / Amethyst rock: I am inspired by natural forms and the color purple / Succulent plant: I enjoy having plants around my studio as a designer


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